Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Choosing The Best School For Your Child

          One of the most important decision to make after becoming a parent is to decide which school is good and suitable for our children based on their ability, so as to help them grow academically. Absolutely agree that choice of school should be done according to the child’s needs and interests. Approximately at 5 years it’ll become clear what interest a child, choose right and they will thank you in future for it. choose wrong, and you already know what to expect in the future.
         Children vary in so many ways! Your child is like no other, yet has so many qualities in common with others. your child is a unique mixture of capabilities, wants, needs and motives. When deciding which school to pick for their child, parents should avoid these common mistakes
       1. Don't go for the name: Name do not usually serve the purpose. Most school owners make use of attractive names to lure parents and this mostly come with  heavy fee.
       2. Don't rely on other parents/friends: Parents rely on family and friends in deciding on a school for their children. As explained above, children vary, a friends child might be a fast learner compared to yours, or the environment might not be conducive. Visit different school listing sites e.g( www.schoolfinderng.com ), browse through various schools, plan a visit with the management of schools you are satisfied with and decide on the best school for your child.
       3. Get value for money spent: Heavy school fee does not guarantee that your child will receive the best education. Ensure that at the end of every term you evaluate your child's performance based on what you are expecting.
           After deciding on the best school for your child, which is a great step but not yet a finished job, you need to closely monitor every sign to ensure you have made the right decision.
        1. Your child is happy to go to school.
        2. Your child is full of energy and happy at the end of the school day.
        3. You see huge progress in your child’s overall development – academic, physical, social and emotional – throughout each school year.
        4. Your child feels that his/her abilities and interests are appreciated at school.
        5. Your child is achieving and performing academically at the level of which he/she is capable.
        6. Your child has friends and acquaintances who like and accept him at school.
          Signs that you have pick the wrong schools are:
        1.  Into the school year, your child is hesitant, or even adamantly decided against going to school.
        2. Your child is not just tired, but worn down and unhappy at the end of most school days.
        3. Your child has made little progress in the past year, either academically, socially, emotionally or physically.
        4. Your child often says “school is boring.”
        5  Your child expresses little interest in what he/she is learning at school.
        6. Your child often says that teachers or other kids do not understand him/her or do not like her.
        7. Your child doesn’t seem to have any close friends or friendly acquaintances at school.
        8. Your child shows symptoms of stress only when school’s in session (e.g. sleeplessness, fatigue)

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Should Teachers Have Tattoos?

                      The display of body artworks are seen almost everywhere but is this allowed in our schools? There has been different opinion concerning this, these are few of their thoughts:

           A principal said, ‘They can have a javelin through their nose if they teach maths’. His view is that all his staffs need to do is present themselves as professionals. "We have spoken to students and they don’t give a damn. We have spoken to parents and some say you shouldn’t have them on as a teacher. Others don’t give a damn so long as it doesn’t say “fuck off mum”.
           Its like a game of scruples "There is no right answer", he suggested that schools will probably end up with a policy that says as long as its appropriate, then its ok.
          Another principal thinks its not appropriate because if students are told to obey rules then so should their teachers. "We ask students to follow a dress code, so it is a bit against the grain if you do the opposite".
          A mother of two secondary school pupils thinks having a tattoo has got no effect on her and her children but it has to be a balance between been a professional. She believes part of being a teacher is about teaching pupils to respect people’s differences and not judge them by their looks. "I’m more concerned about whether my child's teacher is effective and professional than what they look like".
           Having a tattoo is not a bad idea, people have tattoos on them for different reasons. A lot of people who are qualified to be a teacher has got tattoos on them before they apply. This should not stop schools from employing good and intelligent people. A facial tattoo could be seen as inappropriate to young pupils but generally if the school policy of where you teach says don't show, please don't.          

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Lagos Schools To Resume April 18

     The Lagos State Government has announced that all Public and Private Primary and Secondary Schools operating in the State are to resume on Tuesday, 18th April, 2017.
     A statement issued today by the Ministry of Education noted that there is a need for all schools (Public and Private) to adhere strictly to the Y2016/17 Academic Calendar jointly agreed upon at the stakeholders meeting held prior to the commencement of the academic year.
     It stated further that the adoption of a uniform calendar makes for proper planning and ensures that pupils and students attend school for the number of days required in the term, reiterating that the resumption for the 3rd Term was fixed for Tuesday, 18th April, Mid-Term Break will hold between Thursday, 1stand Friday, 2nd June, 2017 while the term ends on Friday, 14th July, 2017.

                                                                                                               Courtesy LASG

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Are You A Great Teacher?

            Teaching is known to be the number one profession, it is the profession that gave birth to the rest. Without sound and qualitative education we won't have Doctors, Engineers, Pilots, Accountants and the rest. Teaching which is the art and science of helping others to grow in their knowledge and understanding has helped develop individuals, countries, continents and the world. The people behind this profession at the early stage are called teachers.
           A teacher is someone who helps others to acquire knowledge. Teachers help instill discipline, morals and values because they spend more time with the children. Parents do not spend much time with their

children because of trying to make ends meet, therefore teachers help block this gap. Parents sometimes threaten to report their children to their teachers which normally should have been the other way round. This has become a huge responsibility on the shoulders of their teachers. In order to handle this, teachers must possess some certain qualities.
                                                    Qualities Of A Great Teacher
          1.) Set a good example by being a good role model.
          2.) Set some ground rules.
          3.) Have a well stated consequence for any offense committed. 
          4.) Maintain peace in the classroom.
          5.) Try and ensure and maintain a more conducive, creative and interactive environment. 
          6.) Competition in the classroom must be in a positive way. Teachers should ensure this so as to prevent favoritism.
          7.) Orally ask questions about a topic before going in-depth.
          8.) Make your students always excited to learn.
          9.) Don't be too strict and difficult to approach. 
        10.) Always find an interesting way to teach your students, instead of forcing them. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Developing Relationship With Children

      Children are a special gift from God, they bring joy and happiness to the family. Dealing with them needs careful measures because of their level of reasoning. Developing relationship with them has to be mostly from birth because it is usually difficult to bolster a relationship that has got no initial foundation.

                                  Steps To Developing Relationship With Children
      1.) Let them assist you: Whenever you are doing house hold chores or house sanitation and your children want to help you, please endeavor not to shut them out. Give them any little task they can handle.
      2.) Let them explore: Children always want to explore new things, sometimes they get hurt, most times they don't, but we should not because of that hinder them from trying because just like adults, they also learn from their mistakes.
      3.) Let your children know how important they are to you. This makes them feel relevant and also have a sense of belonging.
      4.) Provide a secure environment for them.
      5.) Refrain from favoritism and spoiling the children.
      6.) Always endeavor to attend to their needs with immediate response. When they seek your attention on what is bothering them, this may have a lot to do with their self esteem or molestation in school or your neighborhood, do not ignore or always refer them to someone else when they need your help with their assignment. When you help out with things like this, they will always see you as their super hero.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Kids Love Sports

     Sports have always been a favorite activity for children whenever they are in school or at home, choosing a sport to partake in is a "no-brain er" at their early stage but focusing on one particular sport will require the assistance of a coach or based on preference of parents. 
     Children when left alone can play all day jumping from one sport to another forgetting assignments/home works or the need to go back to their classes after break time(break periods to kids has always been the most interesting period of a regular school hours), getting all stained and not usually feeling the need to refresh. In such occasions parents/teachers do not need to shout or scold them, instead they should make them understand that there is a time to study and also have fun. 
     Aside from developing a child to become a professional based on what he/she studied, there is also a need to help develop them as they grow in any sport they prefer. There are several sports they can partake in aside from the basic sports we all know such as football, table tennis, track and field and basketball. Other sports include and not limited to volley ball, cycling, swimming, hockey and lawn tennis. Taking part in exercises does a lot of good to the body.
    1.)  Sport in form of exercise helps increase blood flow to the brain.
    2.)  It enhances the memory.
    3.)  It helps build and maintain connections between the nerves.
     In conclusion, taking part in sport helps the brain grow and make it work better. Though it is advisable to check health conditions of athletes and also ensure close monitoring during the activity.
    Sports also help to teach children some fundamental basics of life such as:
    1.) To be discipline.
    2.) It helps to build self confidence.
    3.) It helps inculcate winning mentality.
    4.) It helps them appreciate the value of team work which help build relationship.
    5.) It teaches them how to be accountable.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Kids and Cartoon

Since Walt Disney's 1
928 cartoon Steamboat Willie starring Mickey Mouse which was the first cartoon ever to be aired, there has been several more entertaining and mind blowing cartoons like  Tom and Jerry(40s),Tarzan, Star trek, Super friends(70s), GI Joe, Silverhawks(80s), Aladdin, Batman, Spiderman, X-men(90s) and the current ones Ben10,flintstones and Naruto.

    Cartoon, which is a simple drawing showing the features of its subjects in a humorously exaggerated way, especially a satirical one both on television and comic books has been mostly associated with children, though some adults are still guilty of spending most of their time watching cartoons. So if adults still engage themselves with cartoon they have been watching since they were kids, then one begin to wonder, what are the benefits kids get from watching cartoons?
Speech Improvement: Children learn a lot of things from watching cartoon and this include words spoken in their favourite cartoons. They learn more words through cartoons than they would anywhere, this may be due to the full concentration they give when they are watching them. When your child speaks then you tend to wonder where he/she learned it from.
Improved Social Life: Children discuss about what they see and hear from clips they watch on their favourite cartoons, this is simply because that is all what they think and talk about at that stage of their lives. Any child among this gathering who does not understand what is been discussed, might feel singled out and thus affect his/her social life.
Enhance Concentration: Cartoons are the most popular entertainment for children, thus they tend to give their undivided attention and put everything behind them when their favourite cartoons are been aired. Cartoons have helped children in enhancing concentration and this has also been useful while studying in school and also at home.
Good Form of Entertainment: The most fascinating thing about cartoons is the entertainment kids derive from watching them. Nothing else at that stage of their lives can be more entertaining, captivating and meaningful. When you want to get their attention or you need time out and need your kid(s) to give you space, i guess you now know what to do.
    Though cartoons could be actually helpful to a child’s upbringing, it somehow also affects them in certain ways like;
    *Kids somehow believe and tend to copy what they see their favourite cartoons characters do.
    *Kids tend to learn from what they see than from what they can read (thus affecting their reading habit)
    *Allowing them to spend too much time watching cartoon is bad. Let them know when it is time to study, sleep and watch cartoons.

     Finally parents are therefore advised to make their children understand that violent conduct displayed by their favourite cartoon characters, might not be seen by them has harmful but it is in real life if such happens.